Hackers Are Already Preparing New Attacks On iCloud

by Alex - on Oct 2nd 2014 - Comments Off

Soon after the iCloud celebrity photo leak, Apple unveiled a new security system designed to protect users from hackers who gain access to accounts by exploiting the company’s password recovery system and downloading your backup files. But hackers have already found ways around this improved security, and they have returned to a public...

This is how Luke Skywalker looks in the new Star Wars

by Alex - on Oct 2nd 2014 - Comments Off

Mark Hamill appeared yesterday at the Golden Heart Gala in Los Angeles sporting a full beard and long hair. Since they are filming now, I think it’s safe to say that this is how he looks on the new Star Wars Episode VII by J.J. Abrams. So I photoshopped his face on top of Obi Wan to get Master Skywalker. Put aside your fears about...

Windows 10 May Have Gotten Its Name Because of Lazy Coders

by Alex - on Oct 2nd 2014 - Comments Off

When Windows 10 got announced, there was one immediately glaring question: Why Windows 10? Maybe for the extra distance from 8, but a Redditor who claims to be a Microsoft dev has a better—and funnier—answer. The name “Windows 9″ could break a whole bunch of lazy code. Cranbourne describes the issue like this: If you’re not...

Third Ubuntu Touch RTM Update Is Out, Features Lots of Improvements

by Alex - on Sep 30th 2014 - Comments Off

Canonical has just released a new version in the Ubuntu Touch RTM branch and they have further improved their operating system for mobile devices, making it more stable and reliable. The Ubuntu developers are working hard to fix all the performance issues and bugs in the Ubuntu Touch operating system. Now that we know Meizu’s plans...

Dark web black markets turning mobsters into cyber crooks

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Organised criminal groups are leveraging dark web services, cyber black markets and crypto currencies to digitise their real-world money laundering, information theft and child pornography operations, according to Europol. The Europol European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) issued the warning in its 2014 Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment...

US man charged for selling spyware phone app

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In their first criminal case on mobile spyware, US authorities have charged a man who sold a mobile app that surreptitiously recorded phone calls and intercepted texts and emails when it was installed on a target’s phone, the Department of Justice has said. For almost four years, Hammad Akbar, chief executive officer of a private...

Executive Order 12333 Redefines Words, Authorizes Mass Surveillance

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Executive Order 12333, also known as “twelve triple three,” is the one document that grants the US intelligence agencies even more powers to spy on whomever they want. The order was issued in 1981, updated in 1991 and expanded since 2001. The ACLU managed to get the government to release some new documents in response to a Freedom...

Battlefield 4 Videos Explain Changes in Upcoming September Update

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Developer DICE is preparing to launch the massive Battlefield 4 update that everyone has been waiting for, meant to deliver the experience that the community has been seeking to enjoy since the game was launched, almost a year ago. The patch is going to take all the changes that have been undergoing rigorous testing on the Battlefield...