More Rumors Now Pointing to October Launch for Windows 9

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If you’re searching the web for information on Windows 9, there’s no doubt that you could come across lots of details, even though the Redmond-based software giant has until now remained completely tightlipped on the next full Windows version. The funny thing is that with so many rumors swirling around, it’s pretty hard to find...

Watch This Warcraft History Video and You’ll Never Lose at Trivia Again

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Staying up to date with what’s happening in today’s world is difficult enough, let alone being primed on the latest in various fictitious universes, such as the WarCraft one. Nonetheless, while slinging various cards in Blizzard’s popular collectible card game Hearthstone, or while stumbling upon a certain non-playable character...

‘Deadpool’ Movie Is On? Test Footage Trailer Leaked

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The Deadpool movie is officially under way, as revealed in a recently leaked test footage trailer which seems to fix what was wrong with the character’s debut in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. A lot is still unknown about the possible continuity between the two movies, but this could simply be a reboot starring the same actor. You can’t...

WildStar Trial Key Giveaway

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Carbine and ZAM have teamed up to bring you an out-of-this-world week-long WildStar trial! All you need to do is login to your free ZAM account to claim one—but don’t wait, these codes will go fast! Special Notes Redemption Period: Monday, July 28 – Sunday, August 3, 2014 Level Restrictions: Character experience up to level 20...

Watch: ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Comic-Con First Trailer

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Heard all the fuss about the “Mad Max: Fury Road” trailer released at Comic-Con, but couldn’t make it to San Diego? Don’t worry: the first teaser has now hit the web. Warners Bros. released the trailer at their Comic-Con presentation on Saturday  and the next installment in the “Mad Max” series was one of the hot topics...

Rapper Lil Wayne Found Dead This Morning – Facebook Scam

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A post delivering fake news about famous rapper Lil Wayne being found dead is currently making the rounds on Facebook. This is another attempt by scammers to drive traffic to specific online locations and dupe users into completing surveys in their stead. Spotting the deceit, which purports to show a video of the news, should be easy,...